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BitDefender 2010 Beta Testing -winer

Hi hi hôm nay check mail thấy mình lại được thưởng bản BitDefender 2010
sướng quá

năm ngoái cũng thắng được thưởng bản BitDefender 2009 khi làm tester free cho tui nó

kiểu này chắc xài bản quyền BIT quanh năm quá :)

thanks BIT nhé

Dear Beta Tester,

Based on the number of reports and the feedback that you submitted via http://beta.bitdefender.com we have nominated you as one of the winners of our Beta campaign contest. We are glad to announce you that you have won a BitDefender Total Security 2010 license valid for one year.

BitDefender Total Security 2010 has been released and it can be downloaded along with the other two 2010 products from the BitDefender website: http://www.bitdefender.com/site/Downloads/.

After installing the kit, please type the license key xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1 in the edit field from the Registration Wizard.

Thank you for participating at this campaign, we are counting on your collaboration in future campaigns!

Kind regards,

The BitDefender Team

You have received this message because you registered to get information about BitDefender and its products. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. If you require Customer Service or Technical Support, please refer to the BitDefender Web site for contact information at beta.bitdefender.com

BitDefender, 24 Preciziei Bld., H2 West Gate Building, Bucharest, Romania, Phone: +40 21 2063470

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