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Câu hỏi khi phỏng vấn tester

1. What are the differences in testing the web application and client server application?
2. How would you say that a bug is 100 % fixed ?
3. How we can explain a bug which may arrive at the time of tesing. explain that bugs in details.
4. how do you test whether a database in updated when information is entered in the front end?
5. what SQL statements have you used in Database Testing?
6. What is way of writing testcases for database testing?
7. what is database testing and what we test in database testing
8. What is scenario and end to end scenario
9. Given an yahoo application how many test cases u can write?
10. what is bad defect?
11. What is integration test plan?
12. How do you know when you have enough test cases to adequately test a software system or module?
13. how will we prepare test cases
14. How is test case write?
15. How can we write a good test case?
16. How will you check that your test cases covered all the requirements
17. How can we write a good test case?
18. what bugs are mainly come in webtesting what severity and priority we are giving
19. what is latent bug?
20. when we know that testing is complete?
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